Are you working on Microsoft Outlook 2007 in your Windows Vista PC? This article will be especially useful for you then. Well, here we are giving you a step-wise demonstration to how you can manually compact .PST files in your favorite e-mail application and thereby create better space in it. Without adequate space on your hard disk, your otherwise-excellently-performing application will start showing instabilities, fail to load/send fresh mails, and display sluggish behavior.

The easy step solution to the issue is:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007
2. On the “File menu, click “Data File Management
3. Click to select your “Personal Folder
4. Click on “Settings
5. On the “General tab, click “Compact Now
6. Click “OK
7. Click “Close


Manually compacting .PST files in Windows Vista will enable you the benefits of actually seeing the process complete. It also lets you to continue using the application without the need of exiting it or restarting it after the task is over.