If you have recently noticed that the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application isn’t working as it used to earlier, it could be due to its mail overload. Yes, many times, we do not recognize the symptoms that may be telling us that our application isn’t just working fine and this is caused mostly due to inadequate hard disk space. Simply deleting mails and sending them to the deleted folder will not help as the deleted folder too is placed on the hard disk and therefore not much can be achieved with this action. To create free space, compact the .PST files on your Windows XP-based PC to definitely help you.

If you don’t yet know the steps to do it, here are they for you to follow:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook
2. On the “File menu, click “Data File Management
3. Click to select your “Personal Folder, and then click “Settings
4. On the “General tab, click “Compact Now
5. Click “OK and then click “Close