Microsoft Outlook 2007: How to set-up multiple e-mail accounts on Windows Vista?

There are various features and benefits of using Microsoft Outlook 2007. From storing incoming or outgoing mails in different folders to scheduling all the jobs that you need to do and tracking activities related to some specific contacts to keeping a track of the information in your contacts list, all is possible doing in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Some of its other features like the Instant Search option, To-Do Bar, Color Categories and Attachment Previewer make using this e-mail client absolutely fun.

Also, you can set multiple e-mails account in Outlook 2007, enabling you to access all your e-mail messages from other e-mail addresses right in your Outlook account.

So, here’s how you can set-up multiple e-mail accounts using Outlook 2007 on your PC. If you use Windows Vista-based PC, this solution can prove to be of great help.

To add an account to Outlook for the first time

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007.

2. When you run Microsoft Outlook 2007 for the first time, Outlook will display a Welcome screen. The Startup wizard will let you configure an e-mail account.

3. Click Next to move to the ‘Add New E-mail Account’ window and then click ‘Next’ again.

4. Enter your Name, E-mail address Password and Retype Password then click on ‘Next’.

5. Microsoft Outlook 2007 will then automatically configure e-mail server settings.

6. When you get a message that says your e-mail account is successfully configured click on Finish to launch Microsoft Outlook 2007. Outlook will take a couple of minutes to update all your e-mails.

7. Your account is now completely set up.

To add another account to a new profile

1. Close your Outlook session.

2. Click ‘Start’ and Open Control Panel, click on Mail. The Mail icon in the control panel will only be active if you have installed Microsoft Outlook and have accessed it at least once.

3. Click on ‘Show Profiles’.

4. In the Mail window, click Add.

5. You would then be prompted with the ‘New Profile’ dialog box.

6. Type the ‘Profile Name’ and then click ‘OK’

7. Follow the same options to configure new Email account.

8. Click ‘OK’ and then close the ‘Control Panel’ window

To add an account to currently open profile

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

2. Go to Tools and click Account Settings.

3. Click on ‘New’ and Outlook will prompt the ‘Add New E-mail Account’ window.

4. Click ‘Next’ and then follow the same options To add an account to Outlook for the first time.’

5. Click ‘Close’