How to open links from your e-mail automatically on your browser

Are you unable to open the links that your friend shared on his e-mail? Hang on; this could be due to the browser settings and not actually due to an error in your e-mail client. Yes, this can be possible. If you have recently installed a browser and have been using it primarily as compared to the one set as default on your Windows-based PC, you may face trouble in letting the former open up the links automatically. However, you can easily modify the settings and set the newly installed browser as the default one and start accessing all links, automatically and instantly.

Here is the easy step solution that you can follow:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click on the ‘Tools’ option on the menu bar and click on “Internet Options.
3. Go to the “Programs tab.
4. Under ‘Default Web Browser’, click on “Make Default.
5. Click on “OK.