Living in a world of automation also means living in a connected world. Make your home connected with all devices speak to each other with Eve. To make your home a truly smart home, call us and get started.

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How to get started with Eve by Elgato

Eve by Elgato brings a bunch of connected home accessories that has the ability to combine the technological power of Apple HomeKit with the elegant and user friendly design of Elgato. No matter, which device is there in your home, it all connects with each other and gives you a complete smart home solution. However, that also means that all your devices need to be synced through platforms and connectivity applications. Here are some of the benefits of using Eve.

  • Remote Access: Sit anywhere in the world and control your home right from one single app on your smartphone
  • Automated hub: When you can control your TV to lights right from your mobile, who needs remotes and manual switches? Eve does just that. So, connect everything with Eve automated solutions
  • Notifications: Whether a window is getting opened when you are not around or there is a stranger on the door, your phone sends you notification. So, no more ugly surprises for you.
  • Scenes: Create your own environment from lights to doors without you really being physically there.
  • Timers: Forget the efforts of manually closing your lights and heating. Just put timers and they will close themselves automatically.
  • Make your own rules: make rules when you want to be notified and about what and then go about managing them smoothly.

How does Eve work?

Eve works in sync with Apple Home app. So, with Elgato Eve app and Apple home app, you can connect your entire home and the devices in it. All you need to check is the logo “Works with HomeKit” and you are good to go.

Device requirement for Eve

You require an iPhone or iPad with the iOS 10 version to successfully run Eve accessories. Along with this, you also require Apple TV with OS 10 or iPad with iOS 10 in Home Hub mode. Once you have this, you are good to get started with Eve.

Why you need to call Elgato Support

To enjoy the complete home automation of Eve, you can call us on our toll free customer care number. Our certified technicians can provide support to connect all your devices to each other and fix any compatibility issues as well. Here are some of the services provided for Elgato home solutions:

  • Free diagnosis to fix any issues with connected devices
  • Sync all devices with each other
  • Update drivers for connected devices
  • Update and configure applications
  • Support for virus and spyware removal and protection from online threats
  • Support for Internet and device connectivity
  • Unlimited tech support for Apple iOS

Call on Elgato support phone number – for unlimited tech support at one flat rate.