EPIX Movies & TV Support Services

Best Video Streaming Experience with EPIX Launched in 2009, EPIX provides immediate access to movies, along with other forms of entertainment. It is a joint operation between Viacom Inc., Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and Metro-Goldwhyn-Mayer Studios (MGM). Offering premium movies and original programs, it is enjoyed by over 50 million homes across the United States. The service is offered over multi platform access including video game consoles and TV streaming technologies. To get started with EPIX live streaming, call on our EPIX support phone number – and we will help you get started.

Our technicians can help set up your EPIX account and personalize it as per requirement. We will also install it on your selected device and check for any connectivity or compatibility issues. From device support to installation and maintenance, we cover it all.

EPIX Support Phone Number

Cable TV with the add on of live streaming
If you are thinking what is so unique about EPIX, then it is the unique combination of full-fledged cable TV along with live streaming facility. It comes with:
• 24/7 cable TV channel
• Variety in movie genres
• Available on many devices
Along with this, a customer has access to different genres of movies and entertainment on multiple devices whenever they want. Its library is quite robust and includes the best of the best. Some of the prominent components of EPIX are:
• Latest movie releases
• Classic film franchises
• Original documentaries
• Comedy and music events
• On-Demand services

Even though you may not find ‘exclusive’ content when it comes to EPIX, however it is available relatively quite fast due to its strong tie up with several organizations.

Devices supported by EPIX

Before you get started with your free account of EPIX, check the devices that are supported by EPIX.
• Xbox
• PlayStation
• Android phones
• Android tablets
• Android TV
• Roku players
• Apple iPhones
• Apple iPads
• Chromecast
Watch with Friends Feature
This is a unique feature available with EPIX. This allows users to watch a particular program with their friends in a private room. It acts more like a chat room. User will be transported to their own screening room that has a unique link and this can be shared with up to four friends at one time. Once the users are within this room, they can play, pause and even talk throughout the movie. Further, with this feature, all the friends don’t need to have a subscription with EPIX. Only the person who initiated is, needs to hold a EPIX account.

Call EPIX Support Phone Number – and Get Started

To continue using EPIX streaming services, just call on our EPIX support phone number – and we can help you with any issue with your account. Our tech experts are available round the clock, all through the year and can diagnose and fix any issue with your device or account. Right from compatibility issue to account management, we take care of it all.
Here are some of the things are support offers:
• Unlimited support for your EPIX account
• Set up and configure on supported devices
• Check and resolve any compatibility issues
• Resolve all internet connectivity issues
• Check for video buffering issue
• Update software and drivers as required
• Total account sync across apps and devices

Call on our EPIX support contact phone number and get started right away.