It is well known that some video games help you relieve stress. No wonder kids who play video games are happy. Unwinding on a couch with some video games can help you forget about the hectic day that you’ve had at work and it helps you relax your mind by diverting its attention. That’s why enjoying video games once in a while is not bad idea. Here, we have a few games and other apps that would help you take your mind off things and help you relax your mind!

Plants Vs Zombies

You are fighting zombies to keep your garden clean and green in this game. Zombies do what they do best. They keep creeping into your garden and you need to fight them with your garden. You have a few plants at your disposal to kill these zombies. There’s a bit of strategy in this game which also makes your brain work – it’s not just fun and games. This game has that factor, which keeps me coming back for more. Plus, it has a catchy soundtrack that plays during the game. On the whole, the game is a great stress reliever. Download this game today and play it to see what we’re talking about.

Art Academy

This one isn’t purely a game. It’s more of an art lesson. Who wouldn’t love to draw? These days it’s not just the kids who are enjoying this pleasure. With apps like Art Academy, anyone and everyone can learn how to draw. This app teaches you how to draw with different tools. This app is a well thought out app that surprises you with attention to detail. It also makes you love drawing again! What’s the best way to unwind after a long day? Spending time with your personal art trainer, Art Academy!

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus is another app on this list that has more to offer than just fun. Fitness is another great stress buster and again, this app brings the trainer to your home. It’s a personalized fitness training app that helps you relieve your stress and keeps you fit while at it. You can create your own training regimes on this app and personalize them to suit you and your body. You have a fitness board on which you would be training.