Google for Work Support

Let your company work with Google uninterrupted

Is your organization using multiple Google applications to manage work? If yes, how are you ensuring a secure and smooth connection for all data, files and details shared over Google? Yes, Google is quite secure and lets you manage your account smoothly. However, data breach can happen even in Google. Are you prepared for it?
Call Online PC Support for comprehensive support for Google Work and manage the entire Google suite with one plan. Depending on the team members who are using Google for Work, we provide a plan and help manage it smoothly. To know more about Google for Work support, call us on our Google support – now.

Google Suite Applications

Google suites have various applications that make working on them pretty uncomplicated. However, the challenge comes in doing the configuration right. Some of the applications under Google for work include:

⭕ Gmail client
⭕ Google calendar
⭕ Google video call
⭕ Google docs
⭕ Google sheets
⭕ Google meet
⭕ Google slides
⭕ Google cloud search

No matter how many team members work on these Google apps at a time, our round the clock support can manage it for you without any interruption. To start, just remember our Google customer service.

Advanced features of Google Suite for Work

Google for work is different than your personal account with Google. It is packed with features that make working with this Suite pretty simple. It’s like an online office that you can access from anywhere. Here are the features of Google Suite for Work

⭕ Email account
⭕ 30 GB online storage per user
⭕ Advanced admin control
⭕ Mobile device management
⭕ Easy data migration
⭕ Google+
⭕ Hangouts Meet
⭕ Docs
⭕ Sheets
⭕ Keep

Handling every user query to manage these and many more Google work apps puts a strain on the support staff. How about leaving all those queries to us and focus just on work?

Why you need to call us for Google Work Support?

When you are working in an organization, different people will have various tech queries. Some people may find it difficult to download files from Google Docs others may struggle with access rights. To manage all of these issues with your Google Work account, just take our plan and let us manage things out. We can not only fix the problems with your Google Work but also guide them in managing their data and files smartly. Here are some of the services offered for Google Work.

⭕ Free diagnosis of issue with your Google Work account
⭕ Help in managing all accounts for Google Work
⭕ Secure data management and back up
⭕ Managing all storage solutions by Google
⭕ Helping them start and manage different Google application
⭕ Unlimited tech support for Google Work applications

Call us on the Google Work Suite and manage all tech queries under one account.