Issues related to system backup in HP TouchSmart 300z

The HP TouchSmart 300z is a powerful wireless all-in-one desktop system. This model is enriched with a lot of advanced features. HP TouchSmart 300z model can support almost all features of the Windows 7 operating system. Major components of this model are AMD Athlon 253e dual core processor (2.7GHz), 20-inch screen LCD display, slot-load Super-Multi DVD burner-optical drive, 2GB DDR3 SDRAM (1066 MHz), 320GB SATA hard drive etc. It can also connect to Internet via wireless LAN card and it supports 6-in-1 card reader. HP TouchSmart 300z also maintains an option for wireless mouse and keyboard. Security software is installed in the computer for protecting the system from spyware, viruses, spam, etc. Backup is a process of creating copies of files and data. With the backup facility we can retrieve the original data in situations of data loss.

The following are some of the guidelines and things to be kept in mind while taking backup in HP TouchSmart 300z:

  • Deciding files and location
  • Using HP recovery manager
  • Using Windows XP utility

Deciding files and location

The initial thing to be considered before taking backup is to decide which all files have to be saved. It would be better to keep a list of files you need such as personal files, confidential files, program files, etc. Then find a suitable location for saving your files. You could also use some external devices for storing your files. Some systems have options for connecting external hard drive using USB port and cables. You could also use USB flash drive memory or memory stick. It is not advisable to use an internal CD/DVD optical drive.

Using HP recovery manager

To backup your files to an external drive it would be better to use the HP Recovery manager backup utility. The following steps are performed for taking backup using HP recovery manager. First click and hold ‘F11’ key to boot the recovery partition. Then users should select the ‘Advanced options’ button and click the ‘Backup computer files’ option. After selecting your file type, click the ‘Next’ button. A list of drives might be displayed. Now you can select the external hard drive from the list. Then click the ‘Next’ button to initiate the backup process. Now the files would be automatically backed up to the external drive.

Using Windows XP utility

Windows XP backup utility is the another option for taking backup of your files. Some steps have to be sequentially performed for using this utility. First click the ‘Start’ button from the Control Panel. Then select ‘Programs’ from the list. Now select ‘Accessories’ and ‘System tools’ from the corresponding lists displayed. Select the ‘Backup’ button to open the ‘Backup or restore wizard’ window. Click the ‘Next’ button in the window to continue the process. Now a backup file would be created with the extension .bkf.