How to enable and disable Bluetooth in HP TouchSmart 300z?

The HP TouchSmart 300z computer features the Windows 7 operating system that gives an excellent performance. It has 4GB RAM which can be extended up to 8GB, Intel dual core processor etc. New technologies are also available in this system, which make the users’ work easier. One such technology is Bluetooth, which is a wireless data transfer technology that helps to transfer data using short radio waves. Its range is up to 10 meters. Being wireless it is easy to implement and use. The requirement that we have to activate this technology is the Bluetooth driver. Before starting the Bluetooth check whether the driver is installed or not.

Different methods to turn on and off the Bluetooth are as follows:

  • Using the Bluetooth status menu in the menu bar
  • Using the notification window
  • Using the Device manager

Using the Bluetooth status menu in the menu bar

We can turn on and off Bluetooth from the Bluetooth status menu. Select the menu bar and from there select the Bluetooth status menu. If you want to activate the Bluetooth then select that option. Otherwise select the off option. If the driver is perfectly installed, it will work smoothly. This is the simplest way to turn on Bluetooth and experience the magic of this technology.

Using the notification window

When you turn on your computer, you would see a notification window in the tool bar. Selecting that window will show the icon, if the Bluetooth is in your system. From there by using simple steps you can turn on and off the wireless technology. This is a very easy method for the user to activate the Bluetooth even if he or she does not know about the status bar.

Using the Device manager

All the devices that are installed in the system are controlled by device manager. If your TouchSmart 300z system has the technology, the Bluetooth could be turned on and off by using the device manager. Select the device manager and select Bluetooth in it. According to your need you could activate or deactivate, which means turn on or off the Bluetooth.