This Cloud has a McCartney Lining

If John Lennon was a prodigy then Paul McCartney was a musical genius in his own right. If the song “Imagine” caught the imagination of many a young soul then “Hey Jude” tugged at their heartstrings, too.

But if you like to “Jud-ah” “Jud-ah” more than you like to “ima-gin” then you should jump for joy because Paul is on the cloud. No, not in the rain-bringing-cloud nor on the proverbial Cloud No. 9 but on the digital cloud of HP.

Paul now has a “private cloud-based digital library”, which means that all of his MPL music recordings, photographs, video footage of his concerts, original works of art and also memorabilia are stored away safely in his private cloud developed by HP. With the millions of things that celebrities amass in a lifetime, a private digital library is a safe and secure place to keep them. It is also one of the perks of being a celebrity; that you get your own private cloud.

If you are a fan of the former Beatle then this will be music to your ears. The question is whether you can lay your hands on all these unreleased recordings, exclusive backstage footage, rare videos of live concerts! It would be nothing less than finding Aztec gold; wouldn’t it?

Just to keep you from the killing suspense; as of now you can only look at some exclusive pictures of Paul while listening to snatches of his songs but there is a possibility that, in the near future, fans would be able to access more content on Paul’s cloud.

So, keep your fingers crossed. Who knows after “a hard day’s night” as you trudge you way back home through “penny lanes” you might get a “ticket to ride” down to HP land and download some of Paul’s stuff.  Till that day, “let it be” and just “twist and shout”.