Do you get Error code in HP TouchSmart 300z?

The HP TouchSmart 300z series incorporate brand new technology. This wireless all-in-one desktop PC provides you with outstanding touch features. This system is powered by the AMD Athlon processors. You have various processor, RAM memory and hard drive configuration options available with this system. The brilliant processor and memory combination provides you with enhanced productivity and greater performance. This PC features an integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card. The wireless-N card incorporated with this system provides you with brilliant connectivity. An HP set including a wireless keyboard and mouse is provided with the HP TouchSmart 300z package. This system is generally configured with the Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

A brief discussion on the error codes that might arise in your HP TouchSmart 300z and their resolving tips are provided below:

  • Different error codes
  • Update BIOS and drivers
  • Uninstall and reinstall

Different error codes

Error messages might occasionally arise while using your system. These messages contain an error code mentioned as “Error Code-1”, “Error Code-2” etc. These codes specifically indicate the error that has occurred with your system. Hardware failures, BIOS settings, outdated drivers etc. could all contribute to the appearance of an error message. You could thus identify the error with the help of the error code.

Update BIOS and drivers

Outdated BIOS and drivers are the major reasons behind the appearance of an error code. These outdated elements prevent the normal functioning of your system. Thus, you are required to update your BIOS and the various drivers to their latest version. Updating the various elements optimizes your system performance. The BIOS and the drivers are required to be updated in the following order: BIOS, Chipset driver, Video driver, Audio driver, Network driver followed by the other drivers.

Uninstall and reinstall

These error messages might also usually arise on opening particular applications. This could be due to corruption or damage to the application files. In such instances, you are required to completely uninstall the application from your computer. You could then reinstall them after ensuring the reliability of the source. You are also recommended to update to the latest version of the application available.