Need to know the guidelines for using system recovery in HP TouchSmart 300z series?

HP TouchSmart 300z series is a powerful, compact, wireless high-defined computer. You can experience music, photos, videos and touchable calendar, e-mail programs and video chat facilities. The main advantage of this HP TouchSmart 300z series is that you can interact with the PC by using your finger and touch registers just before making a contact with the screen. Here, you can use touch feature instead of a mouse to click and drag, and to navigate music, photos, and movies. It also includes a wireless keyboard and mouse. System recovery also rebuilds your system after serious technical disasters. With system recovery, your files are safe and secure and are available for easy recovery even if the hard drive crashes, or some other disaster hits your system.

Following points explain the role of system recovery, different events that require system recovery and different system recovery tools or options available in HP TouchSmart 300z series:

  • Role of system recovery
  • Required events in system recovery
  • System recovery tools or other options

Role of system recovery

Role of system recoverySystem recovery provides a framework for saving and recovering the operating system. In order to reinstall Windows operating system, system recovery needs to be used in HP TouchSmart 300z series. When the hard drive gets formatted, all your files and documents get lost. Your HP TouchSmart 300z might return to its factory settings after system recovery. So after performing a system restore, you need to install your personal documents again from the back up.

Required events in system recovery

When your HP TouchSmart 300z series is affected by viruses, hackers, theft, power surge, accidental deletion, you can use system recovery. Often these malware programs get stored in the system recovery files and cause damage to the operating system. In such cases, system recovery can be used effectively as this helps in formatting the hard drive, reinstalling the necessary software, and restoring the important documents.

System recovery tools or other options

For system recovery, HP TouchSmart 300z series uses a hidden space on the hard drive to store the recovery information. System recovery is done automatically here and an automated system recovery (ASR) is an extension to the conventional backup and restore. In some cases, this recovery from the hard drive might not be possible. In such cases, you can use the system recovery software to back up your computer. This further helps in protecting your PC files from viruses, spyware, hackers and many other potential disasters