Help and Support in HP TouchSmart® 300z

Get to know more about issues related to HP TouchSmart 300z help and support for hard disk crash

The TouchSmart 300z series is the powerful, compact, wireless1 all in one with 20″ (diagonal) high-definition widescreen ready to take up residence in your kitchen or family room. You could experience music, photos, and videos in a whole new way. It has touchable calendar and its e-mail programs will help you stay organized, and video chat can keep you in touch. You could use your voice to zoom, rotate, and invert photos, create professional-looking videos, slide shows and movies, watch movies on DVD; burn and edit videos, watch, pause, rewind, and record TV with the optional dual-format NTSC and over-air ATSC high-definition tuner. HP TouchSmart 300z’s intuitive touch technology lets you to interact with the PC using your finger; your touch registers just before you make contact with the screen, write search criteria with your finger and more.

Here is information on HP TouchSmart 300z help and support for hard disk crash issues:

  • Preinstalled Security Software
  • When Hard Disk Crashes
  • Determining Failure

Preinstalled Security Software

HP Total Care is a support and services program that provides you with greater peace of mind. During your one-year limited warranty, you will get preinstalled security software to protect against viruses, spam and other on-line threats. The peace of mind comes with a one-year limited hardware and software warranty, plus optional extra coverage via an HP Care Pack Service. The wireless access point and Internet service is sold separately.

When Hard Disk Crashes

The hard disk platter seems to be moving at about 150 mph, and a very thin cushion of air forms between the head and the platter so that the head “flies” over the platter. The flight is disrupted and the head “crashes” into the platter, scratching it if even the smallest bit of dust makes its way onto the platter. The hard disk crash, of course, sprays a lot more dust and debris onto the platter and then it’s all over. Another thing that can cause a squealing sound is the bearing in the drive motor. It is another common way for a drive to fail.

Determining Failure

You should figure out if the crash is caused by a physical or logical failure. The Disk Doctors Drive Manager monitors your hard drive and lets you know about potential problems before they happen. It simply will not boot to the operating system if your computer crashes. If your computer does not boot and you hear a grinding, clicking or whirring noise that is caused by a physical drive failure. It should stop trying to boot the computer and not try to reload the operating system.

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