Up on an HP® Cloud

Don’t you wish that you could carry everything on your desktop without having to lug that beast around? Don’t you feel frustrated when you are on a vacation and you crave to listen to that particular album or movie that you had on your PC? Especially if you travel on work frequently, don’t you wish you had access to all your important documents, all the time? Well, now with the HP Touchpad, you can.

HP cloud computing technology as featured in the newer versions of the HP Touchpad allow you to now store up to 50 GB of data on the cloud. How does it matter to you? If you would rather buy an external hard disk and carry it around with you because it’s more convenient, you need to think again. What if you were to lose the External Hard Disk? What if it gets infected with a virus? What happens to all that important data? You simply lose all of it.

The cloud is a safe and secure place to store your data. Many organizations and individuals store their stuff on the cloud. And when it comes to cloud computing HP is one of the leading companies. To cite a recent example, HP created a cloud-based digital library for Paul McCartney, to enable him to store his recordings, video footage and a lot of other data. What you get with your Touchpad would hardly be a complete digital library like Paul’s, but it would give you access to entertainment and lighten the tedium of a long journey. What’s more, you can access the cloud from anywhere in the world. Business executives and professionals in various fields can now gain easy, 24×7 access to important data.

They say that you shouldn’t have your head in the clouds, but now there’s definitely a strong case for having all your data in there.