Why fear when HP ProBook® is here?

You listlessly thumb the stereo as you wait for the traffic light to turn green. It’s been a busy week and work has never been so hectic. You just hope you will make it to the meeting on time. After 10 impossibly long minutes of being stuck in the traffic you decide to park at the curve and make a run for your office building which is just two blocks away. The next thing you know, you are scampering up the stairs of your office. You see the elevator door closing on you and panic sets in. You dash towards it and in the confusion your laptop slips from your hand and lands on the floor with a thundering crash.

With murder in your mind you pick up what little you think is left of your laptop but to your surprise it’s in pretty good shape considering the beastly fall. You switch it on, wiping beads of sweat off your brow. Some anxious minutes go by, nothing happens, but, miracle of miracles, just when you think it’s all over, your laptop comes to life. You take a sigh of relief, thank your lucky stars and give yourself a pat on the back for making the right choice – HP’s new ProBook 6360b Notebook, reinforced with a magnesium ABS chassis.

Let’s get down to brass tracks, HP’s ProBook 6360b Notebook comes with the latest software: Windows 7 Professional and Intel core i3 to i7 processors and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 card. What’s more, a 9-cell battery life up to 100 working hours!  But its USP lies in its “solid build”. It has what HP calls “bead-blast aluminum display enclosure, a magnesium-reinforced ABS chassis, and a bottom-case drain”. In other words, it’s an almost indestructible laptop, unless of course you run into a nuclear holocaust. It is a proven fact that only cockroaches and Keith Richards can survive that.