Learn about the installation of Windows Defender in HP TouchSmart 300z.

HP TouchSmart 300z is one of the latest models of desktops launched by HP. This desktop has many advanced features. The hardware components of this model include AMD Athlon 253e Dual Core processor (2.7GHz), 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory (1066MHz), SATA hard drive (7200rpm), SuperMulti DVD Burner-optical drive, ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card, and a multi-card reader. Windows Defender was introduced with the intention to prevent and eliminate all types of spyware in computers. This software includes a lot of real-time security measures. The installation of Windows Defender would add more security features to the computer.

The following guidelines will help you while installing Windows Defender in HP TouchSmart 300z. It would be better to keep these tips in mind while doing so.

  • System requirements
  • Service failure conflicts
  • Validation checks

System requirements

All the essential requirements of the system must be satisfied before installing the Windows Defender software. Enough memory and hard disk space are required for the installation. Users have to ensure that the current OS would be compatible with the Windows Defender software, otherwise the system could crash. The system must be virus free. Proper maintenance of the system might help you to install the software correctly.

Service failure conflicts

Installation of Windows Defender sometimes causes some conflicts. The user might get an error like “Service to Windows Defender failed to start”. The best solution is to add sufficient software to initiate the system services. The operating system sometimes fails to install due to the presence of viruses or spyware. Installation of some antivirus programs and anti-spam software would be a better solution for this problem.

Validation checks

Microsoft has already developed some methods for validating and protecting Windows products. The validation checking software is essential for the proper installation and updation of the operating system. To download the WGA validation checking software, the user might need a Windows product key. Once the product key is obtained, the WGA validation checking package can be downloaded and attached to the installation files.