Installing OS in HP TouchSmart® 300z

Tips to resolve issues that can arise while changing the operating system in HP TouchSmart 300z.

The HP TouchSmart 300z offers great performance as it comes equipped with the Athlon II X2 240e processor which runs at a speed of 2.8GHz. It has a total RAM of 4GB and a hard disk capacity of 640GB. This system comes preloaded with Windows7 Home Premium (64-bit) Operating System. Changing the Operating System of your computer will lead to several operational problems. Several components of your system such as sound, video, graphics, network connectivity or other devices and peripherals will start functioning in a limited way. That is why, before changing the Operating System, you must study in detail about such things from hardware and software manufacturers and review the problems other users had to face.

Given below are the issues that can occur while changing the Operating System in HP TouchSmart 300z and tips to resolve them:

  • Issues while changing the Operating System
  • Things to do before changing the Operating System
  • To resolve issues

Issues while changing the Operating System

Your HP TouchSmart 300z may not provide compatible drivers for functions such as sound, video, graphics, network connectivity, drives or other devices, after changing the Operating System. You may also face several software and hardware issues. You will have to reinstall the original software image while troubleshooting such issues following the change in Operating System. Each Operating System has specific drivers for itself. You may not get the required components for the new Windows Operating System. Sometimes third-Party Company will provide generic drivers, but the performance of your HP PC will be less.

Things to do before changing the Operating System

Creating a set of recovery DVDs is one major step to be done before changing the Operating System. After changing if you encounter problems with the system, you can use the set of recovery discs to reinstall your old Operating System. This will have all the required hardware drivers and will help you to restore your PC to its original condition. In case you were not able to create a recovery disc, you can purchase it from authentic manufacturers. Another thing you have to do is check the list of devices on your system and consult their manufacturers’ websites as to know what drivers they provide. Certain components work together and therefore absence of one component may cause other devices to function poorly. So you should have all the drivers for devices in your system for smooth functioning.

To resolve issues

As your HP TouchSmart comes preinstalled with Windows 7, you will have problems while changing it to Windows XP or Windows Vista. You can resolve the issue of incompatible hardware or software by purchasing the right drivers. Sometimes HP may not provide Windows Vista or Windows XP compatible drivers as this system is shipped with Windows 7. In such cases you can use non-Windows 7 drivers and programs provided by other companies. Another solution if your system is not working properly after changing the Operating System, is to reinstall the previously installed Operating System. Insert the Windows recovery DVD and restart the PC in order to restore the Operating System. If you have not created a recovery disc, you can purchase one from HP itself or any other authentic manufacturer.

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