Networking Issues in HP TouchSmart® 300z

Know more about networking issues in HP TouchSmart 300z.

HP TouchSmart 300z system comes with lots of applications. The most important feature of this is the touchable calendar and the e-mail applications. This would help you to send e-mails quickly. The next feature is the advanced technical specifications in this system. This system is equipped with the genuine Windows 7 operating system and the processor inside this system is the Intel Core processor. A slot loading DVD drive and a built-in- card reader is integrated with this system. The network connections are also good in this system. To access the crisp sound, high quality speakers are connected with this system.

Following are some of the networking issues that might occur in the HP TouchSmart 300z system and their solutions:

  • Network disconnection
  • Corrupted software issues
  • Excess collision
  • IP address duplication

Network disconnection

The network disconnection occurs when the cable gets damaged or the system configuration changed. The damaged network cables that are used to connect the system to the network could not pass the signal through it. The cables would be damaged when they come in contact with any other conducting surfaces. Also the changes in the operating system configuration would affect the network. To avoid this you need to correct the cables and also correct the settings.

Corrupted software issues

The corrupted software in the HP Touch Smart 300z system also would disconnect the system from the network. The software changes related to the DNS configuration and the registry software are the most dangerous among the software issues. You could fix this issue by reinstalling the software.

Excess collision

If the data transmission increases, then the traffic would be blocked. None of the data in that traffic would be reaching the correct destination. The only solution for this issue is to reduce the amount of data transmission.

IP address duplication

The duplicate IP address is the next issue that could occur in the network communication. The IP address is a unique address assigned to each of the system in the network. This becomes duplicated when any of the two systems in the same network has same IP address.

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