Optical drive in HP TouchSmart® 300z

issues related to optical drive software in HP TouchSmart 300z.

The HP TouchSmart 300z is a desktop with a series of advanced features. The release of this all-in-one system has made a revolution in the IT industry. This model is noticeable for touch screen feature. It can support the Windows 7 operating system. The hardware specifications of the system include 20” screen LCD display, AMD Athlon 235e Dual-Core Processor, multicard reader, slot-load Supermulti DVD burner-optical drive. Relative to the computer environment the term ‘optical’ is referred to as lasers and are used to read data stored on optical discs. Optical discs mainly constitute CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-ray discs. The optical drive is packed with lasers and is used to access data from optical discs in binary form. The optical disk drive together with the flash memory has replaced the conventional magnetic tape drives and floppy disk drives.

The following are some of the issues that can arise in the software of optical drive in HP TouchSmart 300z:

  • Optical drive missing
  • Multiple drives authoring program
  • Unable to recognize drive

Optical drive missing

Sometimes optical drive problems might arise while installing and updating any software programs. The installed programs usually fail to recognize the drive in the system. An attempt to install multiple CD/DVD writing software might cause driver conflicts such as driver missing. This might deny the user from playing or accessing CD or DVD. You can solve this issue by deleting the upper and lower limits of the registry of your system.

Multiple drives authoring program

Another software issue concerned with optical drive is the conflicts in the authoring program of the drive. It is advised to keep a drive authoring program for controlling the reading and recording tasks of the drive. Problems might occur when you try to install multiple authoring programs on the same system. Each program will try to manage the optical drive at the same time. There is a chance of creating many conflicts between these programs. Then the optical drive might malfunction. One solution preferred is to avoid installing multiple programs to a single PC. If you wish to install a new authoring program then the old one might be uninstalled.

Unable to recognize drive

The drive might not be recognized when a new CD-read/write drive is bought. The existing CD authoring software fails to identify the new drive. The software couldn’t support the new one. An easy solution to fix this issue is to update the latest version of the software. The latest version of the authoring software could be downloaded from the website.

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