Know more about optimization in HP TouchSmart 300z.

HP TouchSmart 300z system lets you to interact with the system using fingers. You could write with your fingers on the screens. You don’t need to launch the application to interact with the files. The system is integrated with the wireless LAN, DVD Drive, Webcam, high quality speakers and a wireless keyboard and mouse. The system would work correctly for a specific period of time. After that the system would start to show some types of issues such slowness, error messages and the non-responding stages. To fix this situation, you could use the optimization techniques. The optimization is the process of improving the speed and performance of the system. You could use any of the optimization methods to improve the performance.

Following are the different tips to optimize the HP TouchSmart 300z system:

  • Use security software
  • Proper updates
  • Data rearrangement

Use security software

Malwares present in the HP TouchSmart 300z system would definitely decrease the system speed. These malwares could not only reduce the system speed but also destroy the data. If you connect the system to the Internet regularly, then you should install antivirus or antimalware software. These software programs would scan the system and remove most of the malware programs.

Proper updates

Each of the software in the HP TouchSmart 300z system would expire after some specific period of time. So, you need to optimize the software programs in correct time periods. Microsoft constantly works to release the proper updates in the correct time. You could access each of these updates from the Microsoft website. You could activate the Auto Update option to catch these updates daily.

Data rearrangement

The system saves the files by breaking those files if the work load is increased. If these files are split, the net result would be the fragmentation in the hard drive. The fragmentation of the hard drive is also a reason for the slowness of the HP TouchSmart 300z system. You could fix this by using the Disk Defragmenter property inside the system. To select the option, you need to select the properties of ‘My Computer’ and choose the ‘Tools’ menu in the window. In the Disk Defragmenter Dialog box, select the Defragment option.