Pivoting its Way to More Apps

The word going round is that the HP Touchpad lacks in apps. Sadly the news is true. But hang on a minute, before you think that HP is at the tail end of the app race. HP may not have a million apps in its kitty yet but it seems determined to build its app store with the recent launch of its online magazine ‘webOS Pivot’.

How does it plan to go about it? Well, for starters this digital magazine is like a hangout for app developers and users. Apps come with informative and interesting articles putting app developers in the spotlight. Plus, HP’s decision to reward loyal app developers by giving them discounts is a major incentive to say the least. Users will have the option of downloading an app directly from an article as well as the privilege of indexing each featured app in every issue. It’s a win-win situation for both. But that’s not all! There’s more on offer.

Just like there are people with different kinds of personalities, there are apps with different kinds of features and functions. The trick is in finding the apps that suit your personality best. But with a gazillion apps floating in Webspace, you don’t know the ones to lose from the ones you choose. HP aims to help you make the correct choices of apps by providing in-depth analysis of ‘you guessed it’ apps. Its app catalogue will also feature the latest and the most popular apps.

Besides an app catalogue, Pivot will include editorials written by journalist and writers associated with leading publications. So, you can expect cool tips about apps from some of the best names in the business probably the likes of ‘Conde Nast CTO Joe Simon’ who was quoted saying, “Pivot has the right focus”, in HP’s news release. The digital magazine is also going to be a visual treat as noted photographers will showcase their work along with the featured stories and reviews on apps.

Pivot has definitely created a stir by chucking the conventional app store layout that of the formulaic ‘ratings and review’ structure. Plus, by giving discounts and providing an interactive platform HP is set on attracting app developers. All said and done, the only chink in its armor maybe the fact that for now Pivot is being rolled out only on a monthly basis, which is an exasperatingly long wait for app-hungry consumers.

The bottom line is that with Pivot HP hopes to give its tablet and smartphone competitors a run for their money.