Know more about repairing Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z.

HP TouchSmart 300z is an all-in-one touch screen desktop with 15 inches display. Desktop comes with the AMD Athlon X4 610e quad-core processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and up to 750 GB SATA hard drive. Recommended operating system for this desktop is Windows 7. Windows XP operating system also perfectly runs with this desktop. Windows XP contains certain repairing tools as inbuilt. Furthermore, HP also provides software trouble shooting techniques to repair Windows XP in your desktop. Different software issues include system hanging, unknown device in Device Manager, disc not reading, reboot error, blue screen error, system freeze, cannot record sound, sudden shut down and improper shut down problem, device detection failure, and so on. Windows XP repair options return the system into a stable state.

Some of the tips to repair Windows XP are described below:

  • Perform Repair Install
  • Restore to Factory Settings
  • Scan and Update Windows XP

Perform Repair Install

You need to backup all the needed data before you performing a repair install of Windows XP. To start repair install process you should boot the desktop using Windows XP installation disc. You might have to set the boot preference in your system BIOS so that system would boot from CD instead of booting from hard drive. Repair install would solve every operating system related problems in your computer system.

Restore to Factory Settings

When you get the HP desktop initially system contains only operating system files and device drivers and additional software loaded by the manufacturer. A software issue in Windows XP comes when you make the changes in the system. So, you could turn your computer system in to initial stage from a corrupted stage by using System Restore Option in Windows XP.

Scan and Update Windows XP

Any problems in Windows XP caused by malware attacks could be resolved thorough a scanning process. After that you could update Windows XP for better functioning. Sometimes viruses would not allow completing the update successfully which would cause your Windows getting outdated over time. That might lead to performance degradation of Windows XP. You could avoid all these things by updating Windows XP frequently.