Possible reasons for the set-up configuration being disabled in HP TouchSmart 300z

HP Touch Smart 300z series offers high performance with its high quality specifications. It uses an Intel processor and has a 4GB memory for storage purposes. Windows 7 is the processor that powers this PC. Touchpad is another feature of this series. It is designed in such a manner that it can support all new technologies. VGA port, USB port etc make the system user friendly. Due to various reasons, the set-up configuration gets disabled in the system. Virus problems, allow the system to run unchecked applications, erasing the system files are some of the reasons that disables the configuration.

Various issues for the set-up configuration being disabled in HP TouchSmart 300z are discussed in the following points:

  • Install antivirus software
  • Formatting the hard drive
  • Check applications

Install antivirus software

One common reason for the set-up configuration being disabled is the virus problem. So to prevent the problems created by the virus, we have to install antivirus in the system. Antivirus is software that finds detects and removes viruses. For the better performance we have to install good quality antivirus and also update them periodically. Updating the software will increase the performance.

Formatting the hard drive

Formatting means deleting all the previous data and starting it with new settings. So it is a good way to enable the settings. By formatting the drive, we can delete all those programs that disable the set-up configuration. By the new settings you can get excellent performance. You can perform the formatting by using the CD/DVD. Use the original version for formatting.

Check applications

Before running any application, check whether they are virus infected or not. If so, it will badly affect the set-up and may disable the configuration. Make sure that application is suitable for your system. Run the application only when your operating system is capable of running that application. Also check whether the system has all the resources for running that application.