Tips and guidelines to set-up Windows 7 on HP TouchSmart 300z System

HP TouchSmart 300 is a 20-inch touchscreen system. It comes installed with genuine Windows 7 operating system that helps to streamline your daily activities. It also includes built-in Bluetooth along with Wireless LAN antenna. It enables easy data transfer with its 6-in-1 media card reader. The wide touchscreen enables easy Internet access and also facilitates you to edit files. Another interesting feature of this model is that you can zoom the selected page with the aid of your voice. HP TouchSmart 300 based on the latest Windows 7 Operating System delivers high performance:

The following are the tips to activate, register and configure Windows 7 on your HP TouchSmart 300 System:

  • Windows 7 activation
  • Registration
  • Configuration of Operating System

Windows 7 activation

Windows 7 Operating system on your HP TouchSmart 300 System has to be activated to avoid serious issues. Activation can be done through telephone or Internet. Through the telephone you can connect with an official and tell the unique product key. This is to confirm that your operating system follows the license agreement. In the second method, you can use the Internet to perform the activation. Connect the operating system to the Internet and you can enter the product key to register it.


Registration is also an important step that needs to be done to get the latest updates for Windows 7 Operating System. You need to only enter the unique ID that you get along with the Operating System. By registering the OS, you can get the latest updates for your system through frequent notifications.

Configuration of Operating System

The user can configure the system, to get the complete freedom to decide which programs can run on your HP TouchSmart 300 System. Security factor can also be configured by assigning proper passwords. You can also configure the different programs, as well as the services that run on the operating system. The configuration of Windows 7 Operating System can be done at any given point of time. Configuration can change both the interface, as well as the speed and performance of the system.