Setting up Windows® XP in HP TouchSmart® 300z series

What are the guidelines for setting up Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z series?

The HP TouchSmart 300z is a new product from HP and it comes with an integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card. The TouchSmart 300z is a wireless all-in-one that has the main function of redesigning what you could do with a touch. This device is powered by an AMD Athlon II 235e dual-core processor working at 2.7 GHz and it has 2 MB cache L2 and a bus speed of up to 4000 MT/s and has a memory of 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (1 DIMM), working at 1066 MHz. The TouchSmart 300z has enough disk space of 320 GB and you would be able to securely store all your data on this SATA hard drive that spins at 7200 rotations per minute and transfers data with 3 Gb/s. Here are the tips for you to activate, register, and configure Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z:

  • Activation of Windows XP
  • Registration of Windows XP
  • Configuration of Windows XP

Activation of Windows XP

Activating Windows XP is an important step and you could do it via the internet or by phone. You should note that you might activate Windows XP just once. This can be done by entering the product key and connecting to the Internet, the Operating System will activate by itself. Else you can activate the Windows 7 Operating System by calling the Microsoft support center. Note that you must activate Windows XP within 30 days of installing it. If you don’t, certain functions of the Operating System will stop functioning and you will have to reinstall it.

Registration of Windows XP

Microsoft has introduced an anti-piracy procedure which is designed to prevent the unlawful distribution of software and it involves the registration of a product key in combination with a profile of your PC’s hardware configuration (no personal information is collected during the activation process). Microsoft will use the product key and hardware profile to identify your computer system as the only device licensed to run your particular copy of Windows XP.

Configuration of Windows XP

Configuring Windows XP is an important step since it determines the accessibility and privileges for its consumers. You might not be the only individual who accesses your system and this might make your personal data vulnerable. Creating user accounts would enable you to make your important files private. Exact configuration of the system would help you to prevent unauthorized running of unwanted programs and access to your system.

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