The Power of Print

There is something magical about words and images embossed on a piece of paper. Words and images have a special quality to enthrall when you see them glittering upon billboards or on fancy album covers. Once you print them on a magazine or a book, they turn into something beautiful, transforming from boring, mundane characters trapped in a plain notebook to winged fairies that dance bewitchingly before your eyes. Images and words have the power to become symbols, stories – a mesmerizing saga that will leave you captivated.

Do you have such a story to sketch, a picture to paint? If you do, then why not get it on print? Did you think it was next to impossible? That it’s an expensive business, plus there’s the hassle of finding a publishing house. That you may have still gone through with it if the misery ended there. But no there’s still the marketing to be done and that’s what takes the wind out of your sails. Well, here’ the answer to all your publishing miseries – HP MagCloud, an online magazine publishing website.

With the HP MagCloud you take the publishing reigns in your hand, as now you can publish your magazine by following some simple steps. To start with you need a PDF application which you can upload to Magcloud. Then fill up details such as the title of you magazine and indicate its category: art, lifestyle, music, movies and so on and so forth. The best part is that it takes care of all your marketing woes, too. You can add a description and also meta-tag your magazine so that it shows up on the top of Google searches. Moreover, you can share MagCloud on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t they say the best marketing is viral marketing!

Whether you are a photographer or a writer of short stories you can give a boost to your career by just printing a magazine about your work. So get savvy and get MagCloud!