Guidelines to uninstall Windows 7 from HP TouchSmart 300z desktop

Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Operating System and it is used in HP TouchSmart 300z desktop. At times, users need to uninstall Windows 7 to install any other operating system like Windows Vista or reinstall Windows 7 again. There are some important things that you should keep in mind while uninstalling Windows 7 from your desktop. It is not as easy as any other operating system uninstall. Uninstalling Windows 7 depends on how it was previously installed. Users who performed a clean install after formatting the destination disk no longer have the option to remove Windows 7 and restore their previous operating system. When you try to uninstall Windows 7 and change back to Windows XP, you might receive an error message saying that the operating system that you are using is newer than the one you are trying to install. Uninstalling Windows7 and reinstalling the earlier version deletes all the programs, files, and settings on your computer.

Some of the things you should keep in mind while uninstalling Windows 7 from the HP TouchSmart 300z desktop are described below:

  • Backup Data
  • Use administrator account
  • Use system in Safe Mode

Backup Data

Uninstallation of Windows 7 will surely remove all the data from your system along with the operating system files. So, you have to take a copy of all the required data that includes necessary application programs, personal files and device drivers. You can backup the data using several methods that are backup online, create recovery disc and move the data to an external hard drive using the data transfer tool.

Use administrator account

If there are multiple Operating Systems in your computer system you can uninstall Windows 7 through the Control Panel. You have to get into Windows 7 through an administrator account. You will not be able to uninstall any programs in your system through user accounts. If it is your personal computer you might be able to log on to Windows as an administrator by default.

Use system in Safe Mode

It is advisable that while uninstalling any program including the Operating System you need to keep your system in Safe Mode. In normal mode, there is no restriction for the application programs to run. If there is any malicious software in your system, it will cause software conflicts in the system during uninstallation of the Operating System.