Guidelines for checking Windows 7 updates in HP TouchSmart 300z series and points to be considered

HP has introduced a new technology all-in-one multi touch personal computer, HP TouchSmart 300z. It provides you with very fine touch software. This new computer works at a speed of 2.7GHz. Its memory capacity is 2GB and has a disk space of about 320 GB. It features the wireless LAN card that permits you to access the Internet quickly, 6-in-1 card reader, 6 USB ports, wireless keyboard, optical mouse, integrated high performance built-in speakers and a web camera. The operating system which is installed is Windows 7.

Some tips to keep in mind while updating Windows 7 in HP TouchSmart 300z are as follows:

  • Check the validity of website
  • Ensure required storage capacity
  • Updating of Windows 7

Check the validity of website

You can update your Windows 7 from the Internet. You are advised to use the official Microsoft website for updating your computer. There may be many other websites that provide such facilities. But it may destroy your computer system with harmful viruses. So it is better to scan your system if you are updating Windows 7 from some other websites.

Ensure required storage capacity

Before updating Windows 7 you need to check the storage capacity of your computer system. For updating Windows 7 you need proper memory back up. Many new applications which require large storage space may be updated in Windows. So your computer system must require very good storage capacity in order to download these applications. No matter you are doing automatic or manual updation, you will require enough memory space.

Updation of Windows 7

In order to install the latest security features and enhancements, you need to regularly update Windows 7. You can use the Action Center icon in the taskbar to check for the updates. It allows you to select the option to download the update automatically. You can configure the Windows update option in Windows 7 through the ‘Control Panel.’