Do you want to update Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z series computers?

HP TouchSmart 300z is a very attractive computer with a touch screen and has advanced features. Windows XP or higher operating systems are recommended on HP TouchSmart 300z, since it has high multimedia support. Windows XP is a reliable and stable operating system. Microsoft releases updates and patches to improve the features on Windows XP and to fix commonly found errors and you can download and install these updates and patches through a process called “Windows Update”. You could set Windows to check for updates automatically or you can download and install it manually. To configure automatic updates, click on “Automatic updates” tab in “Control Panel” and make necessary changes. You can schedule the Windows Update and it would automatically install updates if you are connected to the Internet and if the computer is turned on at the scheduled time.

Things to be kept in mind while updating Windows XP are:

  • End all the running programs
  • Stable and error free Internet connection
  • Virus free system

End all the running programs

Running programs on your computer uses many system resources and might result in system freeze issues. It is recommended to close all the running programs before downloading and installing Windows Update. You can check the task manager to view and end the running programs.

Stable and error free Internet connection

Windows Update connects to Microsoft website to download the updates and if the Internet connection gets disconnected or if it’s slow the Windows update might fail. Windows update might have to download larger update files which need a fast Internet connection. So, if your Internet connection is slow or if you have an Internet connection issue, you can download the updates on any computer which has an error free fast Internet connection and take it to your computer in a pen drive or a CD and then install them on your computer.

Virus free system

Virus issue is a real threat in today’s world. Some virus blocks websites and they corrupt files on your computer. If the access to the Microsoft website is blocked due to any reason the Windows update would fail. Virus could corrupt the Windows update files .Scan your computer with the latest antivirus software to ensure that the computer is protected.