Suggestions for checking updates in HP TouchSmart 300z

Updating HP TouchSmart 300z helps the user to make the system work in a proper way without any crashes or system freezing. The updation of HP TouchSmart 300z involves applications, device drivers, antivirus programs etc. This update keeps the system stable and also improves the security of the system. If any new hardware is not supported or if there is a hardware conflict, you can update the BIOS. Device drivers can be updated to fix driver issues or hardware malfunctioning issues. You need to update browsers, Microsoft Office programs, drivers etc. You can update your system easily by turning on the automatic update option.

The things to be kept in mind while updating HP TouchSmart 300z are as follows:

  • Driver updation
  • System requirements
  • Restore point creation

Driver updation

Device drivers should be updated frequently with the upgrade of devices to utilize all the features effectively. You need to check for the compatibility of the drivers. Drivers can be updated from the installation disc of the device. It can also be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of the device. If you have enabled Automatic Windows Updates in your HP TouchSmart 300z, the required drivers would be downloaded and installed automatically in your system.

System requirements

It is important to verify the system requirements before starting the updating process. This would result in updating the software correctly in accordance with the system requirements. It would also eliminate any conflicts in your computer. You have to verify that the drivers installed in the system are compatible or not. If the drivers are not suitable to the system then it would generate a disparity between the device and the software.

Restore point creation

System restore is an important feature provided in all latest versions of Windows. If the system fails or if any error occurs after Windows, drivers or other application updates, you could restore the computer to the created restore point that would undo the recent changes made. You cannot undo the BIOS updation using the system restore tool. So it is important to create a system restore point before updation.