What are the guidelines for upgrading of Microsoft Windows 7 in HP TouchSmart 300z PC?

The HP TouchSmart 300z PC is the new all-in-one desktop PC from the HP series with 2.2 GHz AMD Quad-Core processor. The 20 inch desktop touch screen has been included with a hard disk drive of capacity 320GB. The desktop has been installed with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium edition. It is possible to upgrade from this Operating System to any other edition of the Operating System like Microsoft Windows 7 Business edition. There are a number of steps for upgrading the Operating System like using some websites or using installation CDS. But, you need to take care of some points like taking the backup of system data and installing the Operating System from genuine websites etc. to avoid system failure.

The following points would be discussed below to explain about the upgrading of Windows 7 in HP TouchSmart 300z PC and the things to look out for when upgrading:

  • Steps for upgrading Windows 7
  • Need for upgrading
  • Things to follow before upgrading

Steps for upgrading Windows 7

There are many editions of Windows 7 available like Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Pro, and Ultimate. You can go for either 32-bit or 64-bit edition of the Operating System. Windows 7 upgrade disk can be used for upgrading Windows 7 in your HP TouchSmart 300z PC. A clean installation may be done by the Windows 7 upgrade disc and the same would then recognize the previously installed version of Windows. If you don’t have any previously installed Windows in the HP TouchSmart 300z PC, then you would need to get a full copy of Windows.

Need for upgrading

The upgrading of Windows 7 in HP TouchSmart 300z PC would make it better and faster than all of the older Windows versions. The programs which are new would no longer take these older versions into much consideration. By upgrading the Windows 7, the memory use and processor strain would become very good in the PC. The graphical user interface also become smooth and better by this upgrading.

Things to follow before upgrading

First of all, try to upgrade Windows 7 by downloading it from Internet using HP TouchSmart 300z PC. With this, a free program from Microsoft would perform an inspection of your PC and would inform you if anything causes any problem. If you intend to install a 32 bit version, then you would need a 1GB of RAM, a 1GHz processor and around 16 GB of available space on HDD. To install a 64-bit version, you would need 2 GB of memory and 20 GB of HDD and 64-bit processor.