Guidelines for upgrading Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z series

HP TouchSmart 300z is a laptop with advanced configuration and it suits almost all your computing needs. The operating system manages all the devices and programs that are installed on your computer. Hence, it plays a major role in system performance. If you run Windows XP on your computer, it is time to upgrade the operating system to any of the latest version of Windows Vista or Windows 7. There are many versions available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and each of them have a variety of features. You can visit the Microsoft website to check out the features and select one of them which suits your computing needs. Upgrading the operating system would improve the performance, features and the security of your computer.

Things to be kept in mind while upgrading Windows XP in HP TouchSmart 300z are as follows:

  • Genuine copy of operating system
  • Proper data back up
  • Power failure

Genuine copy of operating system

There are pirated copies of Windows Vista and Windows 7 available for purchase. Many features might not be available in a pirated copy and you could not download updates for such versions. It is illegal to install a non licensed version of Windows. So purchase the Windows Vista or Windows 7 from a trusted source. Check the OS CD/DVD Pack for a product key. This validates your license during the activation process.

Proper data back up

There are two methods for installing a new operating system, the first is new installation and the second is upgrading the present version. If you select “New Installation” the hard drive might be formatted depending on the selection you make and all the data might be erased. So ensure proper data back up before upgrading the operating system. Some application programs and some devices would not work after upgrading to the new operating system. You might have to re-install the non working application and the device drivers. Ensure that you have all those drivers and programs CD/DVD with you before upgrading the OS.

Power failure

Upgrading of the operating system might take a long time because it has to copy the installation files to the hard drive, install and configure the new operating system. The upgrading might fail if is interrupted any time during the process. So ensure that the laptop battery has enough battery back up to keep your HP TouchSmart 300z operating till you complete the work.