What are the things to be kept in mind while upgrading memory in HP EliteBook 8540w System ?

Your HP EliteBook 8540w system comes with powerful features like Windows Vista or Windows 7, Intel Core i7 or i5 processor, 15.6” display, and great power backup for about 5 hours and 30 minutes with its eight-cell battery. At times, you might be in need of upgrading the memory of your system. Your HP EliteBook 8540w system allows you to upgrade its memory to a maximum of 16GB. By upgrading its memory, you could enhance the performance of your system. Such a memory upgradation could be done smoothly in your HP EliteBook 8540w system with the use of two memory slots which is available mainly for the upgradation purpose. You shall find more space to install and use all your system’s preloaded programs, without uninstalling any program for the sake of installation of other in your system. Smoother multitasking is another great advantage of memory upgradation. Multitasking is the process of accessing more than one process at a time. This is also called multi-threading.

HP EliteBook 8540w system

Following are some of the situations which let you know that your HP EliteBook 8540w system memory needs to be upgraded:

  • Reduced system performance
  • Unexpected system shuts down
  • Low level of multitasking
  • Availability of memory card or slots

Reduced system performance

When you use your HP EliteBook 8540w system for a long time, its memory shall contain more data to process. This results in poor or slow system performance. By upgrading the memory of the system, you could resolve such issues and make your system work in a more enhanced way.

Unexpected system shutdown

You might notice that when you install any of the programs in your HP EliteBook 8540w system, it might shut down automatically. The automatic shutdown is a symptom of insufficient memory. So when you face such issues, ensure whether the system has got the necessary space for the installation of such new program.

Low level of multitasking

You might at times experience some difficulty in performing multitasking with your HP EliteBook 8540w system. This is a clear intimation that the system is suffering from lack of memory and hence it needs to be upgraded. When most of the memory space is taken by the programs installed in the system, it won’t completely support multitasking. During multitasking, the processor needs to pass through these two processes and hence the memory usage would be more. This is why the system slows down during multitasking.

Availability of memory card or slots

You might have additional memory slot or memory card with you. You might wish to have more than two memory cards in your HP EliteBook 8540w system. If you have only one memory slot and you need to add another memory card, you could connect an external USB memory device to install the new card. If you have more than one slot, you might install a new memory card into the next available slot.