Guidelines to install video drivers on HP TouchSmart 300z series

HP TouchSmart 300z series is a well known PC. HP TouchSmart 300z series is an all-in-one notebook PC, which is wireless. It can be redesigned with a touch. HP TouchSmart 300z series is powered with AMD Athlon dual core processor. This processor works at 2.7 GHz. HP TouchSmart 300z series consist of 2 MB cache and 2 GB RAM memory. The capacity of hard disk is about 320GB (7200rpm), in which you can store the data safely. The data can be transferred at a speed of 3 Gb/s. HP TouchSmart 300z series is built with 20-inch diagonal high definition display, which is a wide screen. The calendar and e-mail programs will help you to stay prepared. The main advantage of HP TouchSmart 300z series is that you can interact with the PC by using your finger. Instead of mouse, you can use your finger to point out.

Following are the tips to be kept in mind while installing the video driver:

  • Trusted website
  • Driver compatibility
  • Backup old drivers

Trusted website

Video drivers can be installed on your HP TouchSmart 300z series, either by downloading it from the website or you can install it through the CD that is provided with the hardware. If you opt for downloading it from the website then you must take proper care regarding the authenticity. It is recommended to download the drivers from the manufacture’s website which will provide authentic drivers.

Driver compatibility

It is recommended to install compatible drivers in order to improve the performance of the system. If the video driver which you install onto HP TouchSmart 300z series is not compatible, then it will result in an error in the functioning of the video card, which in turn, will damage your system. Blue screen of death is the main problem that is caused due to the driver incompatibility. You must check for compatibility before the drivers are installed on your system.

Backup old drivers

Many problems arise while installing the video drivers. Driver incompatibility, occurrence of malware, insufficient memory, etc. Your system might be facing any of these problems during the installation of the video drivers. Therefore, in order to avoid the malfunctioning of the existing drivers, you must back up all the existing drivers before installing the video drivers.