Ways to Fix Hulu error code 012

Hulu error code 012 is mostly related to activation. There can be different reasons what can cause this error. However, before we get into the troubleshooting steps we need to understand the common reasons what causes this error.

Why do you get Hulu error code 012

When you are just starting off with Hulu account, you need to set it up properly. One requirement to do so is to get an activation code. However, when you are unable to get the activation code, then you get this error code 012. It is possible when you try connecting to the Hulu account, it asks you if you are a Hulu member and if you want to connect to Hulu. When you click ‘Yes’ for both, it still isn’t able to connect to Hulu server.

However, the first use of Hulu is preferred over ethernet port or cable. This will give you the activation code. Once you have successfully activated your account, you can switch to WiFi and continue enjoying the content.

Here is the step by step method to get your account activated and resolve the Hulu error code 012.

  1. Exit the Hulu app from your TV
  2. Now physically connect an ethernet cable to your broadband
  3. Make sure that the TV is using the Ethernet port and not the WiFi. For this, go to Apps Button -HDTV – Settings – Network. You may have to reboot the TV to get the ethernet port connection.
  4. Now start the Hulu App and then click OK to start the application
  5. You should be able to see a different screen that will give you the Hulu Activation code
  6. Now try to login to Hulu
  7. Click on ‘Your Account and Help’ link on the upper right corner
  8. Now scroll down to watching instantly on the TV or computer section
  9. Click on Activate a Hulu Ready Device
  10. Now enter the activation code shown on the TV and then click Activate
  11. Once your Hulu account shows that it is active, the TV will automatically log in.
  12. Now exit the Hulu app, unplug the ethernet cable and then turn off the TV
  13. After around 30 seconds, turn the TV back on and your WiFi should connect again
  14. Now use your Hulu app and it should automatically connect via WiFi connection

The error code 012 should now be resolved.

Note: You need to make sure that the wireless DSL or Cable Modem or Wireless Router is not blocking your WiFi connection request from the TV. You can check the connection status in the modem or router or in the TV Settings and Network.