Hulu Error Code 12

We all love the live internet TV service provided by Hulu and definitely want uninterrupted service especially when we are enjoying our favorite programs. One thing that can completely spoil the experience for us is the Hulu error code 12 that can come up and interrupt your live streaming. Rather than thinking that what could have really caused this error, let’s take a look at the possible reasons for the error and troubleshooting steps to fix the issue as well.

The Hulu error code 12 generally occurs due to connectivity issues that prevent the device from reaching the Hulu service. Just follow these troubleshooting steps for your device and the error will be resolved in no time.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the error

Complete Reboot

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Unplug both the modem and the router and then wait for 30 seconds
  3. Plug in the modem and then wait till no new indicator lights are blinking on
  4. Now turn on the device and access your Hulu account once more
  5. Check if the problem is fixed

Switching Connection

Try connecting your device to a different internet access point and then check if the Hulu error code 12 is still coming. If you are connected to WiFi, try accessing Hulu via LAN wire. You can also try using the 4G connection and check if the problem persists.

If you are able to stream using a different internet connection, then it is advised to check your home network settings and resolve issues.

Smart TV Troubleshooting

  1. Check if you are connected to the internet. Run a network connection test or launch another internet connected service or app.
  2. Restart your home network. For this, unplug all your home network equipment for 30 seconds before plugging each device back, one by one.
  3. Turn off or unplug the smart TV
  4. Unplug the modem from power for 30 seconds
  5. Now plug the modem back and wait till no new indicator lights are blinking. If the router is separate from the modem, then plug it back in and then wait till no new indicator lights are blinking.
  6. Turn on the smart TV and check Hulu app once more.

If the above mentioned steps doesn’t resolve the issue, then you need to get in touch with Hulu and get the issue diagnosed.