Steps to Fix Hulu Error Code 201


Hulu is an internet streaming service that offers a range of TV and video programs of premium quality. Since, Hulu service is live it requires a stable internet connection to watch the programs uninterrupted. One error that can come up due to unstable internet connection is Hulu error code 201. The message that may come up on your screen is ‘Playback Failure – 201’. If you are getting this error here are some of the things that you can try out to fix the issue in no time.

Internet stability and speed

One common concern is that everything else that is accessed through the net, including services like YouTube and Netflix seems to be working. However, there is a problem with Hulu. What you need to understand here is that Hulu is kind of a library and it is the internet providers who are connecting the way to share the content with you. So, in all possibility it is the speed and DNS server that is causing the problem.

The minimum requirement for Hulu services is 1.5mbps. However, for smooth flow of content you need somewhere between 3-4 mbps. Anything below that is going to freeze and lag once in a while. Hulu also doesn’t have a buffer system like Netflix and YouTube, so a stable connection is a must to stream uninterrupted.

To check the stability of your internet connection you can check and It will auto connect to test and see if there is any breaks in the connection.

HDCP causing trouble

One reason for the error 201 to occur is because of devices like Roku. HDCP error can randomly come up in any application, like Netflix or Hulu. HDCP error means that there is some issue with the HDMI cable or the display port.

The simple way to fix it, is to unplug and then plug the HDMI cable once more. If this also doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try to change the display port 2 instead of 1. If this also fails, we advise to change the HDMI cable. You can check the Roku software as well.

Common Troubleshooting Steps


  1. Check if the Hulu open incorrectly. If that’s the case then it may not load all the information required. Just restart the Hulu app, stream the content or browse through it and the problem will be resolved. If you are watching Hulu over a browser, then try refreshing the browser and check if the problem is fixed.
  2. Close all background apps or extra tabs. If the browser has any program running while to try accessing Hulu, then there is a possibility that your connection will be affected. Close the unrequired apps and it will speed up the video load times and improve quality as well.
  3. Keep your Hulu app updated. Sometimes the error is caused by performance issues. Updating the browser and app fixes the problem.
  4. Clear the Hulu cache. This you can do with the help of your device settings. Just select ‘Clear Cache’ option. This removes out of date files that interferes with Hulu working. If you are unable to clear Hulu cache, then reinstall Hulu app.
  5. Restart the device and let the Hulu load once more. If there are any configuration challenges it will be resolved in this step.
  6. Limit the number of connected devices to the Hulu account. Sometimes, this slows down the speed and you get the Hulu error 201.

We hope that these steps have fixed the error and you can enjoy Hulu uninterrupted.

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