How to Fix Hulu error code 24100

The Hulu error code 24100 can occur due to many reasons. Even though you may be using your Hulu account perfectly fine till yesterday, today there is error code 24100 on your screen. Don’t worry, you can fix this Hulu error on your own. All you have to do, is follow the given steps and resolve the issue in no time.

Signs of Hulu Error Code 24100

·       Error 24100 appears and then crashes the active program window

·       Frequent PC crashes with error 24100 when running the same program

·       Windows run sluggish and responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input

·       The computer periodically freezes for a few seconds at a time


The error 24100 can appear during the installation of a program, while Hulu related software program is running. The error can also come up during Windows startup or shutdown or even during the installation of the Windows operating system.

Common Causes of Error 24100

Here are some common reasons why you may see the Hulu error code 24100

·       Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Hulu software

·       Corruption in Windows registry from a recent Hulu related software change

·       Virus or malware infection that corrupted Windows system files

·       Malicious program deleted some Hulu related files

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Hulu Error 24100

Below are the troubleshooting steps to fix the Hulu error code 24100

1.       Use a registry cleaner and repair the entries that are associated with error 24100

2.       Run a full malware scan on the computer by using an antimalware program. It will check for any malicious programs and remove it.

3.       Clean out system junk with disk cleanup (Cleanmgr). With time, computer accumulates junk and a registry cleaner can successfully clean this out. Here are the steps to run a Disk Cleanup

a.       Click on the ‘Start’ button

b.      Type, ‘command’ in the search box and then hold CTRL + Shift and hit Enter

c.       You will be prompted with a permission dialog box

d.      Click, “Yes”

e.       A black box with a blinking cursor will open

f.        Type ‘cleanmgr’ and hit Enter

g.       Disk cleanup will calculate how much occupied disk space you can reclaim

h.      You will see ‘Temporary Files’ occupy most disk space

i.         Click on the categories you want to clean and click OK

4.       Update the PC Drivers

The error can occur due to outdated drivers as well. Take the help of a tool like DriverDoc and update all your drivers. This will help resolve the Hulu error code 24100.

5.       Use Windows System Restore to ‘Undo’ Recent System Changes

This will allow you to go back in time and undo any recent changes made. This function can return the PC’s system files and programs back to the time when everything was working fine.

6.       Uninstall and Reinstall the Hulu program

If the Hulu error is associated with a particular program then reinstall the Hulu related software. Here are the steps for it:

a.       Open Programs and features by clicking on the ‘Start’ button

b.      Click ‘Control Panel’ on the right side menu

c.       Click ‘Programs and Features’

d.      Identify the Hulu associated program under the Name column

e.       Click in the Hulu associated entry

f.        Click on the Uninstall button on the top menu

g.       Follow the on screen directions and complete the uninstallation

h.      Once done, reinstall the Hulu program once more.

We hope these troubleshooting steps resolve the Hulu error code 24100.


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