How to Fix Hulu error code on PS4

Hulu is a fun entertainment option preferred by millions of users in the United States. One thing that can interrupt this experience are error codes in PS4. Getting errors on PlayStation 4 can be due to multiple reasons. Each error will throw up a specific error code and that will be followed by individual troubleshooting steps.

However, before you do a deep dive into specific error codes, here are some common troubleshooting steps that can help fix the Play Station 4 errors in Hulu in no time. Once you have completed the troubleshooting steps and still continue to face the same issues, we recommend testing the connection directly on the Play Station 4 using the built-in network connection test. This can help identify issues with wireless interference or other device specific network issues.

  1. From the Play Station main menu (XMB) go to Setting> Network Settings> Internet Connection Test.

If the results of the test matches with the results of as well as Hulu requirements, then you can go through the following troubleshooting steps to resolve different errors that can throw up the Hulu error codes on PS4.

  1. Reset the System Time and Date on Play Station 4

In the XMB, go to Settings > Date and Time > Date and Time Settings > Set via Internet > Set Now (do this if it is not on ‘Set Automatically’)

Delete the Hulu Application: Highlight the application and then press the triangle button and then finally select Delete. Now download the application once more from the Play Station store.

  1. Licensing Error Message

If you are running into a licensing error message, then here are a few steps that can fix the issue.

Go to Settings > PSN > Activate as your primary Play Station 4

From PSN Menu select Restore Licenses


These are basic troubleshooting steps that can help fix the Hulu error code PS4. However, it may be not be adequate to fix specific error codes that can come up in the Hulu account. If your account is throwing specific error codes then go to troubleshooting steps for that specific error code and then resolve the issue.