Hulu error code ce-34878-0

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you are enjoying Hulu is getting the error code ce-34878-0. This is an issue that comes when you are using the Play Station 4 to enjoy Hulu. This error code indicates that the Hulu application has crashed or run into error. This is one common issue that the users of this console face. Therefore, if you are seeing the Hulu error code ce-34878-0 then this is how you can fix it right away.

What happens when you get this error

One of the worst things that happen when the Hulu application crashes, all the saved data will be deleted. For example, if you are watching Hulu and you get the error, then the app will restart again and it will not remember which shows you were watching earlier or your favorite list. This means that you will have to redo all your settings once more.

What Causes the error ce-34878-0

There can be broadly two possible causes for this error to occur. First, it can result from corrupt data that is within the Hulu application itself or secondly even from the system software. It will depend on the cause of the error which solution you should follow. Here are different troubleshooting steps given to fix this Hulu error code.

How to Fix It

Here are some common troubleshooting steps that can help fix this Hulu error code. They are  simple steps that can be done without much technical knowhow. Just go step by step and you will be able to resolve this error in no time.

When you complete each solution, restart the console and game and then try using the Hulu application again.

  1. Restart the Application and Your Console

Even though it looks like quite a trivial thing to do, sometimes just rebooting the application and Play Station 4 can correct the problem. When you do this, if there are any pending updates, they also automatically get updated. So, just do this simple step and check if the error is resolved.

  1. Reinstall the Application

The next thing that you can try is to delete the Hulu application and then download it once more. Yes, it will remove your previous history, however if there is an account sync then it will not be a problem. Just be patient and let the download successfully complete.

  1. Reinstall the PS4 System Software.

If the error is not resolved even after doing the above steps, then the problem may not be with Hulu but with the Play Station 4. Therefore, you need to reinstall the software here. For doing this, go to Settings> Initialization> Select ‘Initialize PS4’

This is the easiest way to reinstall the system software.

Note: Before you do this step, remember to take backup of your hard drive as it will wipe out all previous data completely.

How to prevent this error code

This error code can be quite annoying. Hence, one simple thing that you can do to prevent it from occurring is to keep a check on regular updates. This will keep the software running smoothly and keep this issue out of the way.