iYogi Reviews: Things One Must Know Before Buying a Laptop

Before buying a laptop, one has to consider many things. Always look for a wide-screen display that gives a sharper and a smoother picture quality. A good memory space or a good RAM capacity allows you to run many applications like image and video editing at the same time. Latest operating system, number of ports, good battery backup, apt screen size, options to make upgrades in the future, compactness according to user requirements are some of the things that users need to cross-check before they buy a laptop. iYogi, in its review on the things to consider before buying a laptop, has provided readers with detailed information on all these things. Read More…


  1. Boyd Anderson, Columbus

    Help with laptop purchase!

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to buy a laptop next week but still haven’t decided which brand or make to go for. I do not want to install very flashy or graphic games and heavy software. I just want the system to have good battery with decent audio support. It would really help me if the system was light weight…I’m a bit heavy myself! I do not want to go around dragging a heavy laptop!

  2. Donald Thomson, Maryland

    Processor 100% busy!!

    I use an ASUS laptop with a Celeron M processor and 512 MB RAM, of late the performance has deteriorated , I tried uninstalling & reinstalling the OS , but no change at all. Whenever I check the CPU performance in the task bar, the processor is always 100% busy. It’s a new piece, should I approach the company?

  3. Alina Johnson, Athens

    Hey Boyd, I think a model from Acer would be good for you. Acer laptops are generally thin and light weight. As for the battery, they have launched a model with 12 hour battery backup. I don’t think you would want battery backup more than that. A roommate of mine has an Acer laptop and it provides pretty decent performance. I say you better visit an Acer showroom and decide for yourself.

  4. Charger issues

    My Dell Inspiron laptop is experiencing some serious charger issues, the laptop is just over a year old and I maintain it pretty well, the battery frequently stops chargin while the laptop is on.. I changed the charger once, but again I end up facing the same issue.. wot shall I do? I am tired of talking to customer support..Is there some problem with the battery?

  5. Laptop Upgrade! Which way to go?

    I am sick of my old laptop. It is just not able to keep up with the times. I have already maxed out RAM and other components which I can upgrade and it’s just not working. I want to buy a real performance laptop that can handle even the latest of applications and software. I’ve narrowed the processor range between i5 and i7. I’ve heard i7 consumes a lot of power…People using them please comment so I can make my decision.

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