Mozy, an online backup company was founded in 2005 by Berkeley Data Systems. However, it was acquired by EMC in 2007 and EMC Corporation is today a part of Dell Technologies. Mozy provides online backup for both Windows and Mac. To get started with Mozy, here is what you need to do.

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Products offered by Mozy

There are primarily three products offered by Mozy online backup system. They are:

  • MozyHome
  • MozyPro
  • MozyEnterprise

MozyHome is a plan created for home users and the online backup services works on a monthly subscription model or any plan that the customer selects. The charges differ as per the space used by the consumer.

MozyPro is the business version and can back up any number of computers under one flat rate. If the business requires server backup as well, then an additional purchase of Server Pass is additionally required.

MozyEnterprise is for bigger organization and includes support for Active Directory, user groups and many other features.

Backup functions generally in this fashion:

  • Mozy backs up files that are new or have significant changed portions
  • Backups are auto scheduled or when computers are not in use.
  • All data is encrypted locally and then transferred via 128-bit SSL connection

Why you need to call on Mozy Support –

One of the most secure cloud backup options available, Mozy has different plans and pricing as per requirement. But how do you know what’s your requirement. Either you pay as you go or you do a detailed calculation and then pick the right plan. Carrying data in a USB or external hard drive is not the best way to store your pictures or important documents. What if it gets corrupt?

To pick the right plan and to backup all files and folders without any connection break issues or corrupt file errors, just call us on our Mozy support and we can help you out in no time. Our expert technicians are available round the clock and can help you backup and access files whenever you want. Whether it is creating a schedule or checking if regular backup is happening, we can help you. With one-time payment, you get unlimited tech support for Mozy. Here is what our services for Mozy provides:

  • Free diagnosis to check for any existing issues with the computer
  • Install and configuration of Carbonite software
  • Carbonite set up for both Windows and Mac
  • Support for restoring files when and as you need it
  • Manage all files and folder
  • Help in encryption of data
  • Sync Carbonite with external hard drive as well
  • Unlimited tech support for any computer issues

Why us?

  • 90%* First Call Resolution
  • 24x7x365 availability of technical experts
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Affordable prices
  • Certified Technicians

Just call on our Mozy tech support – and get advanced support 24/7.