NetFlix Error Code 7.4 “There is a problem playing the video”

If you are seeing the Netflix error Code 7.4 while you are trying to play a video this could because of the network connectivity. As Netflix Application requires you to have good internet connection you may face this with alck of signals or issue with your Wi-Fi.

Here are some of the Steps you can take to resolve Netflix Error Code 7.4:

  1. Different Wi-Fi network: If you are using your home network and getting the error you should try using the Netflix app on a different Wi-Fi and see if it is working fine.
  2. Connect to your Cellular Data: If you don’t have the options to connect to your Wi-Fi or get another Wi-Fi you should turn on your Cellular data and see it that works. Though it is not advisable to use Cellular data for Netflix for one time check it is fine at least you will know the problem is with your home network.

 If you have issues with your home network we recommend to call your technician who was involved in setting up your home network and resolve your Netflix app should work absolutely fine.