Netflix error Code n8354 Silverlight Plug-in in MAC and Windows

If for some reason you can’t use your Netflix Application to watch a movie and you are seeing an Error Netflix Error code n8354 this may be a reason because of Silverlight Plug in which is used in Netflix to store data to play movies. This may be because of some issue with the registry of your computer.

Netflix Error n8354 can occur both in Windows and MAC OS and you may have to go through the below steps to fix the error on your application and enjoy your movie.


  • In case of Netflix Error on Mac Computer you will to follow the below steps to resolve the Error Code N8354:

Step 1:

You will have to check which browser you are trying to run Netflix application on you may want to change it with another Browser some of the good option are Internet Explorer,Google Chrome or Mozilla.

Step 2:

If you don’t wish to change your Browser you will have to clear all the cookies on your computer and Sign out from Netflix app and sign back in.

Step 3:

Quit the browser and restart your computer.


  • In case if you are using Windows Computer follow the below steps to fix Error n8354


You will have to use another browser

Step 2:

Fix your browser by deleting cache and cookies once that is done you will have to restart your browser.

Step 3:

Shut down the Netflix application and Start again