Netflix Error (DLST.N373) “There was a problem with this download”

If you are experiencing an error to download your favorite movie or show when you are not online it is very annoying when you have a long flight and instead of watching the in-flight entertainment you have of thought of watching your program offline and you are not able to download because of the error DLST.N373.

This error is most common when you are using an Android phone to download Netflix programs on it as most of the phones are not compatible when Netflix launched this feature.

The offline feature works best as you don’t want to consume data when you are not on wi-fi and it is easier to download the movie when you are offline and watch it later.

Here are few steps to fix Netflix Download Error DLST.N373:

  1. You will have to go to Google Play store>Look for My Apps>select the Apps which needs to be Updated.
  2. Update your Netflix app this should fix the Download Error.

If the Above step doesn’t work then you have to clear the application data

  1. Open Netflix app>General>Application
  2. Click on Manage Application
  3. Look for Netflix App>Storage
  4. Click on Clear Data

Open Netflix App