Netflix Error Code UI-103 on Blu-ray Player

If you are getting an error code UI-103 on Netflix you may have to follow the below mentioned steps there are a few things which you need to fix in order to run both efficiently.

What you need to fix for Error code UI-103?

Fix Netflix

  • First steps are that you have to restart/reload the Netflix, this can be done from the home screen.
  • In the setting field you have to reload the Netflix and you have to start again.

Fix Blu-Ray

·       You will have to completely restart the device after plugging it off

·       Start Blu-ray again and try to start Netflix.

Fix Home Network

·       You will have to first switch off Blu-ray completely and then your modem

·       Turn Netflix and Blu-ray on back again and restart.

Fix your internet and Wi-Fi by fixing your hardware and changing the location of your router

Fix by directly plugging Blu-ray with your Modem