Netflix error code R3000 occurs on your Xbox 360.This error is not that big of an issue you can simply resolve by following few steps and fix it in no time.

You need to refresh the old data on your device and you may have to perform some other tasks if that doesn’t work.

Why did you get the Error R3000?

  1. You have Cache on your device.
  2. Old data on your device may cause this error.
  3. You have not updated your Netflix to the newest version.


Steps to Fix Netflix Error Code R3000 with easy steps:

  • Remove the Cache and Cookies from your device


  1. Follow these steps Guide Button>Settings>System Settings>Storage.
  2. You have to Select/Highlight Hard drive or Storage and press Y.
  3. Delete the cache after that.
  4. You have to restart the Netflix again and see if everything is working fine.


  • Go to your Hard Drive and delete old and New Netflix on it.
  • You may have to Delete the Netflix Application and reinstall it again.
  1. Follow these Steps Xbox Dashboard>Apps>My Apps>Netflix App>Delete the app
  2. Yes to confirm
  3. To reinstall the App Go to Xbox 360 Dashboard>Apps>Netflix App
  4. Once your installation is done try Netflix again


If the above solutions don’t work to fix Error code R2000 let us know your feedback. We will assign a technician who can help you fix this issue in no time.