Netflix Error UI-103 Playstation 3 and Set-top box

Playstation 3 was first launched in 2006 and now when you are using it with your Netflix and getting an error UI-103.You can follow the below mentioned steps and use it with ease.

How you can fix Playstation 3?

  1. You need to restart Netflix by going in to the Settings tab and look for get help and reload the Netflix application. After that simply unplug the Netflix app and restart again.
  2. You will have to Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app completely.
  3. Try to verify your DNS settings
  4. Finally you will have to restart your home Network or call the technician who may have set up your home network.

If in case of Set-top box if you are getting Error UI-103

  • You will have to reload the Netflix application.
  • You have to Sign out from your Netflix and restart again.