How to Fix ‘Whoops, Something Went Wrong’ in Netflix?

Whenever you see the message while using Netflix you don’t have to worry it may be an issue with your Windows 10 PC. You can easily sort this out by uninstalling Netflix and then reinstalling again and the issue will be sorted if you are still facing the same issue you may have to follow the below steps to resolve the problem.

Before trying the above method you may want to just unplug your computer and switch it back on after a minute you may see everything working fine.

Here are the steps:
In order to Uninstall Netflix from your computer do the following:
1. Open Netflix-Look for the Start Menu-Then you have to Type Netflix.
2. You have right click on Netflix app
3. Then uninstall the Netflix app
4. You have to look for Start menu and choose store-Type Netflix-Select Netflix
5. Install and check if this is working fine
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